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List of Sessions

Keynote: Power of Human Connection - Rebecca Murtagh

Keynote: Terrific Trends for Enlightened Capitalists: Fixing Hunger, Poverty, War, and Catastrophic Climate Change for Fun and Profit - Shel Horowitz

The Age of the Do Wellers (and why we need to talk a bit less about the Do Gooders) - Andy Last

Doing Business, Doing Good - Sophie Wisbrun

Shhh... The Values Economy is Here ... - Alan Williams

Conscious Innovation - Robin Palmer

Being Good in the Midst of Chaos - Richard Schultz

The STRESS-Factor In Change - Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Leadership From the Heart - Robert Clancy

Forgiveness at work - Marion Neubronner

Ecological Profitability: Its Contribution to Ethical Decision-Making - Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Creating a Business Case for Sustainability Your CFO will Love - Part 1 - Dr. Bob Willard

Creating a Business Case for Sustainability Your CFO will Love - Part 2 - Dr. Bob Willard

10 Keys to ECO- Entrepreneurship - Jeff Golfman

How to Close your Profit Leaks to Fund Your Higher Purpose - Anne C. Graham

The Power of Storytelling in Your Enlightened Capitalism Quest - Donna Lendzyk

Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose - Kevin Gangel

Connecting your employees to nature to improve organisational well-being, performance and sustainability - Tabi Jayne

Supporting, Empowering and Magnifying People Doing Amazing Things to Create a Better World - Ravinol Chambers

Sustainability Narratives & Communication Strategies that Support C-Suite Decision Making - Minto Roy

Imagining a New Energy Company - Suzanne West

What Have We Learned? - The Virtual Summit Wrap Up  - Carol Wain


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