Terry is an industry pioneer and innovator and one of the creators of the first comprehensive set of screens for socially responsible investing (SRI). He applies his industry knowledge and expertise on global trends and opportunities in the SRI world to Stakeholders Capital. Chairman Mollner helped found Calvert Social Investment Funds, the largest family of ethical funds, with $13 billion currently under management. He sits on Calvert’s Board of Directors, The Calvert Foundation as well as the board of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The Calvert Foundation also traces its roots to Terry’s leadership. Whereas Calvert Social Investment Funds established a new investment territory in the professional investment community, “socially responsible investing,” the Foundation created a new investment territory called “community investing.” Today, to “end poverty through investment,” the Foundation raises low-interest capital through the sale of community investment notes. Calvert Social Investment Funds has over $550 million invested around the world in micro-loan funds, low-income housing funds, social enterprises, etc. An early chair, Terry continues to sit on its Board and its Executive and Investment Committees. Stakeholders Capital builds portfolios using funds from many SRI fund families including, but not exclusively, from Calvert. He is also the Founder and President of The Trusteeship Institute, a think tank and consulting firm in economic and social development. In existence since 1973, its current focus is on the development of the common good movement that holds as its’ highest priority the common good. Subsets of the movement include common good capitalism and common good investing, the next stage in their evolution. stakeholderscapital.com Stakeholders Capital – Socially Responsible Wealth Management Socially Responsible Wealth Management