Donna Lendzyk is a business leader who has been been on this path of Enlightened Capitalism for over 15 years.  While working in “Corporate Canada” in a leading telecom, she lead the charge for increased focus on the customer across the organization. As a marketing and business strategist as well as a CPA, she viewed that as her unique way at the time to bring more enlightenment through business.  Through Donna’s experiences, she discovered the secrets to being a successful agent for positive change in business. Her efforts were recognized in various ways including through receiving the internationally coveted Customer Champion Award by Peppers & Rogers in 2012. She has since stepped out of corporate life in her quest to make a larger impact on our planet.  Donna now coaches and consults  business owners and leaders from across the globe, including executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, to make the bigger impact that they envision and ignite change in business to be a force for good. Through her work she uses several impactful strategies including the power of storytelling.  More information about Donna can be found on her website,