Bernadette Slowey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Vast Universe Productions. Prior to the film, Slowey had a 20-year corporate career as a bank executive until the collapse of the financial industry in 2009. Her responsibilities included managing Marketing, Human Resources & Training, Organizational Development, and Customer Experience. She was recognized by The Denver Business Journal as one of the “Forty Under 40” top young business leaders for her business success and community contributions. Slowey has served as a Board Member of several organizations and mentors MBA students. With her diverse background, she brings creative thinking to corporate and business savvy to entrepreneurs. Connect with Bernadette “10 years ago, I would’ve thought Enlightened Capitalist was an oxymoron. Today, I now know it’s an evolved awareness combining purposeful passion with business practices.” Bernadette Slowey, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker